Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sponsored not to procrastinate

It is generally accepted amongst my friends and colleagues who “write” that writers are the best – or worst depending on how you look at it – procrastinators around.
Procrastinate: a fancy word for doing anything at all other than what you are supposed to be or intended doing. (Words like lazy, idle, tardy do not come into my descriptive list for this)
I don’t know how or when I acquired this trait. It’s not that I don’t want to write – I do – in fact I am writing constantly in my head. Even as I type this I am writing the next piece that I am going to do. It’s just the actual getting it onto the paper or the computer. I wake up each morning with great intentions of getting so many thousand words of my novel written, or the poetry anthology completed or the six short stories that I have on the go finished or the many competitions that I have plans to enter. And then somehow I end up washing up (which could easily wait) vacuuming (which doesn’t need doing as I did it yesterday) washing (which could be left till there’s a load instead of doing 4 socks and 2 T shirts) and once I get in the garden.. well there’s the day gone.

Anyway, my partner has come up with the most brilliant plan.
He is “sponsoring” me for various writing that I am doing. So I have to do it – or I have to pay the money back – and that’s the best incentive yet !

Now I must get off this blog. I am sponsored a fiver to do a 250 word story. And I just need to go and water the tomatoes, feed the fish, plant some Lobelia …


Julie Broom said...

gosh that sounds like me you are describing. Wonder if I can get sponsored? I'm constantly deciding on composition, selecting palettes and choosing media - I just don't actually get any of it down on canvas :-)

Lexia said...

Well...your husband could sponsor you ! And you could sponsor him to get more writing done.

By the way, Stewart is very impressed with your work. We are going to the printers today to discuss my writing with his illustrations for a book - nowt like working as a partnership !!

Lexia said...

Can't find your email address so asking you here.....

Do you do prints of your paintings? If so, how much is the feet walking on the sand one ? Framed? Unframed? Ta