Thursday, 29 April 2010

BNP "policies" ?

Got my leaflet from BNP yesterday. Nothing new there really. Will Blair for Rother Valley says he is campaigning on local issues of crime and anti social behaviour and that the BNP would stop all benefits and free housing to “asylum seekers” – his inverted commas as if he doesn’t believe there are any such people seeking legal asylum. Take a trip to Somalia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe – and then think about why people might want to leave these countries. Charity begins at home as they say, but as a lady on the BNP leaflet states “the BNP protects our Christian values”. Check out Matthew 22:39 BNP

Actually, I rather object to the “our Christian values” bit stated as such. Who is the “our” referring to? Seems like the BNP recognise 2 categories of people – Islamic extremists and Christians. I don’t fit into either of those…what a dilemma !
(Since the “illegal” BNP propoganda being distributed in Maltby, I have less faith in their beliefs than before – and that was kind of zilch.

Incidentally – appears we have a Liberal candidate by the name of Wesley Paxton. Anyone heard of him ? He tells me that he ” looks forward to hearing the moslem community in UK speaking out against forced marriage esp of girls, but I am not holding my breath……”
I think he might have mailed me this because of my surname. Don’t worry Wesley – no one is going to force me to get married, I would just like to know what other policies you have as I haven't had any literature from you.

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Julie Broom said...

It really amazes me that there are enough people with these types of views to form a political party. What terrifies me even more is that some people actually vote for them!