Friday, 7 March 2008

Thoughts on EU


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Scullduggery Watch said...
Hello Lexia
Congratulations on creating your first blog.Can I suggest a topic for your first subject matter?

REFERENDUM:1) Should we have a referendum on the Euro? 2) Is there a valid case for Britain to withdraw from the European Union altogether?It would be good to hear everyone's opinion on this. This topic usually manages to rouse strongly held beliefs from all sides of the political spectrum!
05 March 2008 15:41

janey-t said...
hello i would love to leave a comment but the subject is a little too heavy for me!
06 March 2008 03:18

Lexia said...
Thanks Skullduggery for your suggestions and thanks Jane for your comments. I have to admit that I am not too well versed in this area either, but as I have said I will discuss anything, I will do my best from my limited knowledge.
So - this Government seems to carry on regardless having very little care for the feelings of its electorate, which makes too many people feel that whatever their views, it’s not worth the effort to voice them. Gordon Brown promised a Referendum to the British people, and appears to have gone back on that promise even though 88% of the electorate want a Referendum.
I am never sure about the legitimacy of statistics, but have taken this from The Times – so if it’s not correct blame them. Trust between the electorate and our so-called representatives in Parliament is very low and , maybe politicians should learn that while the people don’t have a say in the future of their country's relationship with the EU, they will view the whole scenario with suspicion.
If this Lisbon Treaty is such a good thing and necessary for the UK, Gordon Brown should have been able to make the case for it. But it isn't necessary and it isn't good - so he cowed out and cancelled a Referendum he thought he couldn't win. Our politicians think that they are our rulers rather than our representatives, even those who haven’t actually been voted in yet, namely the Prime Minister. This country is being “led” by an undemocratic dictator who does not care about Britain or the constitutional rights of its citizens.

Therefore :1) there should be a referendum on the Euro – but I am not sure that there will be, and2) based on the undemocratic “democracy” that is this government, there is a real valid case for Britain to withdraw from the European Union, but I am very sure that this will not happen either.
06 March 2008 10:14

Scullduggery Watch said...
Excellent points you make there, Lexia! I agree with you 100%.
Gordon Brown is keen to engage people in the democratic process, just so long as it is his kind of democracy (ie. the electorate is obliged to give him the answer he is looking for- otherwise Brown is not interested in the electorate and to hell with democracy).Isn't it interesting that Gordon Brown will not give the British people the vote his party promised the electorate in 1997, yet all the while he is happy to throw his weight behind other popular but less important campaigns (ie. the attempts to ban bottled water and the bid to eradicate plastic bags from the supermarket checkouts)?
Such campaigning can only be viewed as Gordon Brown craving cheap publicity for populist support whilst all the while patronising the electorate. Does Gordon Brown feel we cannot be trusted with deciding our nation's future? Do we not have the right to vote on whether or not we want this Lisbon treaty? Wasn't the Labour party elected to Government on the mandate of giving us a referendum?
Am I the only one who is sick to death of this kind of gesture politics? Also, is anyone else reading this who is disgusted that the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg ordered his party's MPs not to vote on the referendum debate on Wednesday? I would implore anyone else who feels the same way to please remember to hurt these self-serving bureaucrats at the next election.If we the electorate introduced these idiots to Government then we can sure as hell remove them from power the very next time we get a chance to do so.
06 March 2008 19:46

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