Sunday, 5 July 2015

Memorials to "Terror Victims" - more scare tactics and a good dose of irony

 On top of the hypocrisy and shock tactics being thrown at us by Cameron about the Terror of Terrorism and the "existential threat" to Britain and it's values, we now have an announcement that there is to be a permanent memorial to the victims of the Sousse attack. 

 There will also be a separate site of remembrance for all Britons who have been victims of overseas terrorism, he has added - almost as an afterthought, as he is more won't to do recently every time he makes a statement.

"It is right that we mark and commemorate them and others murdered by terrorists overseas, appropriately and support the loved ones they have left behind in every way we can, " he says.

British holidaymakers accounted for 30 of those killed, along with three Irish nationals, two Germans, one Belgian, one Portuguese and a Russian, before the assailant was himself shot dead. The attack has been claimed by the Islamic State group - IS/ /ISIS/ ISIL or which ever politically correct term Cameron or the BBC deem correct for today.

Yes, it was a despicable and tragic occurrence, but seems to me to be another "terror tactic" by the government to keep us afraid.

Would we erect a memorial and hold a minutes silence to 30 people killed in a motorway pile up, even if the cause of the incident was "with intent" ? I doubt it,  and of course now we also have to have a monument to commemorate those killed in this country - due to Cameron's word choice in the first statement.

That the monument is to be funded by fines levied from banks by the Financial Conduct Authority perhaps it's saving grace, however ironic and distasteful this is.

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