Thursday, 1 January 2015

Move Me Past the Beards, Vaping and Oolong Tea - this is 2015 !

Following the lack of planned  postings here since 20th November, where I was, allegedly, resurrecting this blog, I really ought to have written one last night to be posted at 12.01 January 1st 2015. 
I was, as it happened, too busy writing a post for one of my other blogs maltbyblogger about why I haven't been writing there as prolifically.  So I find that this morning, on the first day of the New Year a number of thoughts that I had yesterday have already been blogged on by others.
Ah well, there's a moral and a resolution in there somewhere if I was motivated and clear headed enough to take it on board. Which I'm not at the moment, but will be soon.

So,  How To Stay Relevant in 2015 is the title of the piece. (Read it Here )

I'd have called it - How To Stay Focussed in 2015, as irrelevancy is quite important to me sometimes. 

Coffee is over, and tea is the new trend but only tea with names like Monkey Picked   Oolong Tea and Kombucha, apparently. The real image-conscious need to go for Switchel. which  is neither coffee nor tea but  consists of water, ginger, cider vinegar and molasses or brown sugar. 
Well, I pass on all this a) because I am drinking coffee as I type now and b) I received a present of a cute chicken tea pot and am not putting anything that a monkey picked inside of that. PG Tips is good enough for Chimps, so it's good enough for me.

Craft Ales and the like are out too. Folks are now VAPING alcohol which reckons to be better at getting you drunk in 30 seconds flat but the process and effects sounds more like a nasty medical procedure, so none of that for me either. Eating cake and chocolate is more my focus point.

Beards Now this is a coincidence because I had a long conversation about these facial adornments that have been growing on many faces for a while now. Son, both son in laws and more all sporting beards which I have made plain I dislike immensely. None of my business, you say ? Fair enough, just don't come too close to my face with it and do NOT kiss me. Best advice - SHAVE IT OFF NOW !

and lastly,

iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy ?  Samsung Galaxy for me anytime, but the answer actually is neither. Old mobile phones that were similar to a house brick in size are the in thing to have. They're  calling it "Retro", but basically it's just old. And again, coincidentally - or could it be that I am just Relevant and Focussed ?  -  I have an original brick size mobile phone with charger and sim card the size of a postcard in my car right now. Photos later as proof.

So there we have it. 2 blog posts written in 2 days and more to come. On top of all the most relevant and focussing things possible, for me anyway - and it's only 10 am on 1/1/2015

What more can I say ...   ...   


lizy-expat-writer said...

Back in the day our vet had a mobile phone the side of a small suitcase! It resembled one of the old Bakelite handsets sitting on a car battery, and you needed muscles to carry it!

Patsy said...

Normal tea and cake are much my thing than anything 'on trend' too. Fortunately I've never worried whether others consider me fashionable (mostly because I know the answer!)