Friday, 14 June 2013

Make me whole

Just what are you seeing when you close your eyes?
Is the sun always shining in perfect blue skies?
Do your thoughts float through fluffy white clouds in your dreams?
Or do you ever think this is not as it seems?

When I sleep I still feel I have your hand in mine
And I’m not alone and all things should be fine 
for you’re there to protect me from all that I fear
when the darkness comes closer and nightmares are here.

Yet I’m lost in a world that’s not real but seems true
Searching always for someone, and always it’s you
Though I think you’re beside me as I feel your touch
I’m still scared of these feelings that overrule much.

So if you see sunshine and perfect blue skies
When you lay down beside her and you close your eyes
will you push past my dark clouds and look deep in my soul
for the love that we once had and so make me whole.

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