Thursday, 10 January 2013

Clearout or Waste ?

I started this post yesterday and today it’s in the news that as much as half of the world's food, around two billion tonnes worth is wasted. It's maybe coincidence (or one of those 'being drawn to things' scenarios) but it's relevant anyway.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers said "the waste is being caused by poor storage, strict sell-by dates, bulk offers and consumer fussiness". The study also found that up to 30% of vegetables in the UK were not harvested because of their physical appearance. The institution's Dr Tim Fox said the level of waste was "staggering".

World Food Waste I’ve just done the biennial food cupboard clean out.
I say biennial as I just can’t remember whether I did one this time last year or not but based on the ‘best before’ dates of more than one item, it seems as though if I did, I didn’t do it very well.In world food statistics I don't suppose my thrown out food plays a very big part but I have noticed that I have extras this year to chuck in the bin and 'waste'.As well as the obligatory unopened jar of pickled cabbage and a couple of opened jars of pickled onions.For those interested, or who would like to compare with their own, here is the full list :

2 tins of chopped tomatoes – out of date
1 tin of chilli beans  - too rusted to see date
1 tin of chick peas – still in date but not looking very enticing
1 plastic jar of instant hot chocolate mix – can’t think when or where this was bought
2 jars of pickled onions – opened
2 jars of beetroot – opened
1 jar of tomato and herb pasta sauce
3 loose Weetabix
quarter box of cornflakes
tub of glace cherries – from last Christmas
tub of mixed peel - likewise
4-6 broken cream crackers
2 pkts supermarkets own make cheese and onion crisps
3 squashed tomato ketchups from Macdonalds
pkt of salt – dry  and lumpy (who buys salt in packets ?)
half a lb of sr flour
foil pkt of something that should have been used long ago

(Then of course there’s the fridge and freezer, but  that’s another blog post)

Now, I know if I tried really hard I could make a meal out of this, maybe more. But there's been enough folks brought down with the Norovirus recently that I wouldn't want to be responsible for any more upset stomachs.
And yes, we all remember telling our parents that the poor starving children across the world are welcome to the dinner that we are refusing to eat.
So maybe this post is a bit of a guilt trip but, as with the 'starving children' thing, if anyone wants this bagful of 'waste' then I will deliver it (locally)

I resolve to not do any more 'big shops' online or otherwise.
I resolve to keep the cupboards stocked with only things I am likely to eat - or force onto visitors.
I resolve to stick to these resolutions, at least until the end of the month.

Menu for my dinner / tea today as follows :

boil in the bag kippers that have been in the freezer since last time daughter did shopping
mashed potatoes - that are turning green,but were like that when I got them
tin of peas - IN date 

The dog is having the same.
Bet you wish you were joining me ! 

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Patsy said...

I hate wasting food and it's very rarely that we throw anything away - even then it might end up on the bird table or in the compost heap.

I try to avoid those tempting 'buy one get one free' offers and the like as usually people don't really need both items and either eat too much or throw some away.