Monday, 2 July 2012



Haiku in English is a development of the Japanese  haiku poetry form.

Most commonly haiku uses
three lines of up to 17 syllables
use of a season word
use of a cut, sometimes with a punctuation mark, to compare two images.

The idea is basically to paint a picture using few words and without "showing all".

Here is my (winning !) entry for Writers Online One Word Challenge on the word SHIMMER

Glistening pollen

leaves shimmering afterglow

on butterfly wings


Patsy said...

Your poem does indeed paint a picture - a beautiful one.
(you might want to reconsider the word verification thing - removing it would make it much easier for people to leave comments)

Lexia said...

Thanks for that Patsy.
I was unaware of the word verification thing. Will attempt to remove it. Any suggestions as to how, most welcome :)