Thursday, 14 June 2012

Another New Look ?

All prepared to write a blog on a particular issue this morning to find the announcement that "Blogger has a new look" .
Well, I'm very pleased for you Blogger. Maybe you have decided to give yourself a different image and colour scheme - a sort of Spring clean that cheers you up as well as your bloggers, especially in this dank, dreary weather we are having here. Actuallly, the sun is trying to struggle through here right now, but the forecast is rain, rain and more rain and some strong winds to accompany it
"Flaming June" is the phrase that comes to mind, as it's probably better to use the word flaming instead of another profanity.

I would like to say people at Blogger, that I love the new look and it has really given me inspiration to get blogging and reading blogs a lot more. Unfortunately it wouldn't be right for me to say that as basically, I can't see any difference to the last time I looked.  But I am writing and reading and I am coping with the new format of the blog, if there is one.

Have a feeling this is a bit like that moment when you buy something new to wear and when anyone comments on it you say... "What this old thing ? Have had it for years !" 

Nice one Blogger, you might just have got away with this without having to explain expenditure !

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