Saturday, 19 May 2012

I'm not paranoid but think "THEY" are trying to confuse me ...

It always seems to happen. I have a vague notion of a blog topic or story or article idea while emerging from the depths of an exhaustion and medication induced sleep.
By the time I've woken up enough to drink a cup of tea or two, the idea is still itching at my thought processes. I turn the laptop on to write some notes - reading the news on my phone as I do so - and getting slightly distracted my a few emails - and open 'New Post' page of Google Blogger. This is the problem point. 
Google Blogger welcomes me to the site and tells me that it is upgraded, updated and has a new style and format. 
Great , I suppose I ought to think. But I don't.  I spend the time that I could have been posting my scintillating thoughts onto the blog staring at the settings page and trying to work out what in fact has actually changed and if it's any better than it was before.Don't even considering asking "before what?"

And by now I am sort of forgetting what the brilliant idea was.

Of course it can't have been such a good idea if it has so easily slipped and become  stuck  between the layers of Breaking News, Twitter feeds and Facebook comments 
... ... but it was my idea and deserves to be treated with a bit of respect. Ideas of any kind don't come so easily as they used to, you know. 

Anyway, this blog now has a post for this month and you (or I ) I never know, there might be more before the week's out never mind the month.
If only "THEY" would leave things as they are for long enough for me to digest 
information in a more leisurely fashion, I would be very grateful. 

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