Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Monitor's Mission

Writers Talkback One Word Challenge - "Scarlet"

Akram is jostled in the crowd, struggling to push his head up between the knees and elbows that are digging into his small body. He is almost deafened by the sounds of angry voices chanting and car horns signalling their discontent. He grasps the hand of his older brother, desperately clinging on. He knows he must not let go.
The crowd surges and Akram's five year old feet are lifted off the ground as they move forward, nearer to the group with the white peaked caps.
Akram's brother will be in deep trouble with Mama if she finds out he is here. In the past few months since the troubles got worse she has forbidden them to go to Friday prayers at the Ummayad Mosque in the city and they  have stayed indoors much more than usual. But she won't find out - not yet.

Tricolours of scarlet, whiter and black with two green stars in the centre, wave above the heads of the people as shots are fired. Akram's limp, now lifeless body is lifted bleeding onto the bonnet of a car of the Arab League observers,Another innocent, martyred in the  name of united democracy.

196 words

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