Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Best Christmas

It did cross my mind not to write a blog about Christmas - before, during or after the event. Which ever way I talk about it I know that I will appear either 'holier than thou' or scrooge- like. I will certainly seem hypocritical. 
However, I have buckled under the weight of my thoughts - which apparently are not so dis-similar to those of many others at this time. 
There's nothing new in feeling a bit pressured at this time of year. Most of us want our family and friends to have the best possible...  everything. 
Best tree. best decorations, best lights, best food and drink, best time together and most of all best presents. Whether this 'best' is  for ourselves or for what others think of us is something that's a bit too uncomfortable to think of. I hold my hands up here - I reckon I'm a pretty good contender for the top prize in this game.

I want my family and friends to have THE BEST, be it mince pie, cracker or party, while talking about peace and harmony and good will to all. I think I have sorted out the difference between wants and needs and believe that I need them to have the best. 

But really what I know would be the best would be to spend time with people who mean something to me (and me to them) without the pressure of "is everyone happy?" when obviously what makes them happy is for me to be happy.

Not difficult is it ? It's not even a case of beliefs or tradition. We can all manipulate those terms to suit our mood, if we want to.
So ...
may your Christmas be merry, happy, joyful, peaceful, or whatever adjective you wish to put with it. 
I will try to make mine "the best" for all concerned.


Patsy said...

There's no avoiding the subject is there?

Have you noticed that all the things we seem most pressurised to get right involve spending money? It's not Christmas that stresses us out, but marketing departments whose job it is to convince us that no one will love us if we don't spend every penny we can borrow.

Anonymous said...

Well - Christmas is null and void in this country so I won't be having the best anything at all..

We do have a tree, but there is only me to look at it and now Ayda to destroy it...xxx