Tuesday, 29 November 2011

That's my line - all seven words of it

Well, I've told everyone and anyone that I can think of about this so I ought to write it here as well. 
I HAVE WON a  competition  BY WRITING ONE LINE !
I've never quite had the opportunity to say "less is more" but I think in this case I can.

Here's part of the "press release" (yeah, you did read that correctly ... ! )

"Brenda co-authored an eight-line poem inspired by Sir Andrew’s work on Vintage Inns’ latest press campaign, which honours the Great British rural pub. He has been judging the best line submitted each week, so they can be added to gradually complete the verse.

When Brenda entered, the competition stood at six lines completed:

The muted brilliance of autumn leaves
The wind’s deep voice soft-tickling the trees.
The parting notes of swallows’ cresting calls
As dappled sunlight fades and evening falls.
The bonfires’ tongues call to the dying sun
Bright harvest moon ascends, her reign begun.

And Brenda’s suggestion for the next one – chosen by Sir Andrew over hundreds of entries from all over the country – is: Then glittering starlight sprawls across the sky 
 Brenda will receive a framed copy of the eventual eight-line poem, plus a meal for four with wine at her chosen Vintage Inn, but also a signed copy of Sir Andrew’s latest collection of poems, The Cinder Path, which has been shortlisted for The Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry. "

I am, needless to say, chuffed to bits. 
Thanks Vintage Inns
I am inspired to write further - maybe eight,nine or even ten words next time.

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Anonymous said...

Lol at you... Congratulations.. just goes to show..

Now get on with the second book please....xxx

Patsy said...

Congratulations! (I had a go at that one - kind of fun wasn't it?)

Rob Crompton said...

Hey, well done! Feels great when this happens, doesn't it?

Seaview said...

Brilliant, Lexia! Well done.