Friday, 4 November 2011

One thing leads to another, even when stationary

Not been on here for over a whole 2 months but seem to be in writing action mode past couple of days so am making the most of it.

A discussion on Writers Talkback about a member's 10yr old daughter writing some very perceptive thoughts on existance, has made me remember my Big Plan for The Environment. This must surely be a case of the time being right for it to see daylight and be brought to the attention of those that ought to know.
So here it is.
My plan is to have one large motorway type construction running length ways through the whole of the country north/south and another couple going east/west.
The road itself will be a conveyor belt system which cars get onto and park until they get to the point where they can drive off onto the other conveyor belt and park till they are nearer their destination. A bit like a ring road only not necessarily a ring and a moveable belt as opposed to the cars themselves moving. The belt would be powered by waste cooking oil or wind power or maybe even water power on the more coastal routes.
I have not come across any negatives to this invention myself, so far !

I hope to produce an artist's impression of the system, just as soon as I can get the artist to do it. Then I sit back and wait for the offers from Dept of Transport etc to come in .


Patsy said...

Sounds OK but you'd either need to have it move very slowly, or keep stopping it so people could drive off - which would also make travel very slow.

Lexia said...

There would be some kind of 'interchange/bypass' thingy that would work as a slip road...
You suggesting I haven't thought this through ? :)
That's for the technical department anyway - I'm just the 'brain' behind the plan !

Rob Crompton said...

You could have short sections of conveyor that move independently of each other. Folk drive on while it's not moving and then it can stop to let them off. And then there's another behind that, and another, and so on.

It's a great idea. You could call it Eurostar. :)

Lexia said...

Splendid ! You are now employed as PR in chief (in a voluntary capacity of course ;) )
Still awaiting the artists impression. Might get kids to make animated version on computer !