Thursday, 12 May 2011

May I have your attention ?

Typical isn't it ...
I had a post for this blog all composed in my head and then when I set down to write I got a "Blogger is not in use at the moment" message.
By the time that I had browsed every other Google blog that I follow - and some that I don't - to see if it was a problem unique to me or if it was affecting others, I had sort of forgotten what I intended posting.

However, as I have recently read about easily distracted people having too much brain

I am not too concerned about my memory lapses, at the moment.

So, back to The New Scientist. Maybe some further insights into the fact that I have recently gained weight -it's not fat at or big bones at all, it's the extra grey matter.


Sandra Patterson said...

I have to say re that article I don't understand how someone can have "too much brain". Is that possible? Surely they can only have as much as they have and if they're still distracted then the task in hand must be too boring. But then I'm not a scientist.

Lexia said...

I read it as not "too much brain" exactly but more grey matter than neurons ... or something like that.
Whatever, I have a paranoia about electrodes to the head (or any other part of the body, come to that)so would rather be distracted than take the "cure".
Seriously though, usually when I am distracted it is because I am trying to do too many things at once, rather than the task is boring.ADHD is not only for teenagers !

Julie Broom said...

In the last week, I have tried to cook a chicken with the oven turned off, left my keys in the front door, fallen over a cabinet I had just built and forgotten to put my bin out. My brain must be huge. ;)