Thursday, 3 March 2011

Creative Cafe Project - Cafe Lit

May I  introduce to readers of this blog ...   The Creative Cafe Project                           

the idea of Gill James, children's writer and university lecturer. The Creative Cafe is a network of cafés where artists,  writers and musicians are welcome and where ordinary coffee lovers know that they will be able to experience something a little different as they sip their brew. It is already happening  in a number of towns and aims to create and expand Creative Cafés nationally. A perfect way to develop arts in the community, no matter how big or small the venture becomes.

Please take a look  here  and also at 

I challenge anyone who enjoys music, poetry, literature and art NOT to be inspired by this "vision". 
Is there a Creative Cafe near you ? There isn't one very near to me  - but hopefully there soon will be.


Patsy said...

Lexia, I'm sure any cafe witth you in it would become a creative one!

Lexia said...

Patsy- what a lovely comment ! Thankyou so much.

Patsy said...

I hope you think this is equally lovely - I'm passing a stylish blogger award on to you.

You don't have to accept or take any notice (I won't be offended), but if you like you can copy the award onto your blog, post seven things about yourself and nominate some more stylish blogs to recieve the award.