Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A mind of their own

Do electrical appliances have a mind of their own ? A strange question, yes but I do have good reason to ask.
My washing machine has been gradually breaking down over the past few months. It used to wash and then spin dry every time it was used, then it began to spin when it felt like it and then didn't even bother trying. It just made the sound of spinning but didn't actually spin and I was left with a load of dripping wet clothes. 
So I ordered a new machine online and am waiting for it to arrive tomorrow.
I thought I might as well give the old machine one last try, and guess what ? Yes, it washed and spun perfectly. Of course I had to try it again - in fact I have used it 5 times now since I ordered the new one. Every time it has worked perfectly. I can't cancel the new one but I just know that if I did it would go back to not spinning. I daren't give it to anyone for the same reason. So the scrap man will be getting a washing machine in perfect working order. 
The kettle is playing up a bit - boils sometimes but not all of the time. I am telling it that I am ordering a new one and leaving catalogues open beside it showing bright, shiny, unused kettles in the hope that it will get worried. In the meantime I am keeping a close eye on the dryer, the microwave, the fridge and the toaster and talking loudly about up to date appliances that I could order and how the scrapyard is such a lonely place.

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