Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Government's nagging again

Watch out at the supermarket checkout. Prepare to be assaulted with advice about eating fruit and vegetables as The Government  plans to make us eat what they say we should, come what may.
Look out for the green painted line on your trolley which shows you where to put your “healthy” produce. If you’re looking for pies, crisps and cake, then look on the higher shelves where it’s more difficult to see them. High fibre and low calorie stuff can be found lower down, at eye level. You WILL eat “five a day” !
Make your children walk to school and they might get Top Shop vouchers or tickets to the cinema. Bribery?  Of course not.
Stop unwanted teenage pregnancies by entrusting your screaming, teething toddlers to them for a time. That’ll teach ‘em to have safe sex.

And so it goes on. This is the coalition government of David Cameron who said that they would interfere less in people’s lives. Well, not so’s you’d notice.

I quite like the latest tv advert for the Co – Op. The  character is  addressing his wife via the telly, telling her that he doesn’t want to do a” weekly shop” anymore when he could be spending more time with her and the kids, doing things they want to do. The punch line is “shop for what you want only when you want it”.
Nice sentiments, especially coming from a supermarket chain. Maybe if we weren’t being “nudged” (government speak for pressured) into buying things that we are told are good for us we would be less likely to go out spending on things that aren’t necessary. I bet they never thought of that.

The 5 a day campaign has had limited effect and it’s more likely that the healthier overall lifestyle of people is the reason for a decrease in cancer and better health. If I am left to decide for myself what is good for me or otherwise, then I am less likely to behave like a naughty teenager and rebel by having 5 lots of vegetables with my donner kebab and chips. 


Louise said...

The nanny state we live in is becoming too restrictive. It started out helping people, but now it has run away with itself. Soon, people won’t know whether which pair of shoes to wear without been told!

Lexia said...

True, Louise. But then, with the prices of everything going up, we will only be able to afford one pair of shoes soon.