Monday, 11 October 2010

Too private, too public or just right ?

"I could write a biography about me. But all the things I 'liked' and all the groups I joined already told my story "

Someone just sent me this from a website called "Likelicious", where people post a little piece about what they like (hence the name ) The posts are anonymous.
Made me think that yes, that could almost be me yet I do enjoy this "networking " game, time wasting/consuming though it is. I am a talker - whether verbally or written (though on a bad day I am more comprehensible when writing than talking and on a really bad day I am just completely incomprehensible!)
I am the person who you tell your life story to during twenty minutes in the doctors waiting room - and you will hear a good bit about mine too, though we will probably never meet again.
Good or bad for me ? Good or bad for you ? Where do you fit onto this scale of public v private ?


Anonymous said...

I'm the person who will listen to your life story in the doctors, but you will go away not knowing much about me at all.

Lexia said...

I hope that is because you prefer it that way Christine, and not that you don't feel people listen !