Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Practice Gigs for Writers

I have just been listening to the comedian Michael Mcintyre talking about his On The Road tours. He has gone from selling one ticket at Edinburgh to sell out performances with audiences of thousands. Getting to where his career is today and preparing for these shows obviously takes a lot of work and knockbacks and hasn't been easy.
So how do you present your work to so many people in the hope that at least the majority appreciate it ?
Mackintyre does practice gigs, starting with as little as 15 people and working up to larger audiences until he has a show he is happy with  and knows is worth putting out to "the masses".

I wonder if this is feasible for writers and if it's any different from asking for critiques from "professionals". There are book and poetry readings but these are usually after the book/poetry is complete.  And listening to something read aloud is very different to reading it yourself. Maybe if we had audiences reading during the process of our writing we might have a better sense of what works and what doesn't. 

I am starting small. 
I have an audience of two dogs for this morning's jottings and it's going well, so far. Think I might do the gig tomorrow with an increase in readership - next door but one's cat is looking attentively at me as I write. 
Watch this space - which hopefully won't stay a space for too long.


Rose said...

Hi Brenda!
I suppose if the dogs start howling, or the cat covers her ears, as cats are do so well, you know you're on the wrong track!
A little while ago I joined an online review type forum where you could get someone to review yours if you reviewed theirs. Unfortunately someone didn't like my review (the person's spelling and writing was truly horrendous!) and she let rip at me in her feedback! I decided that wouldn't work!
But if you'd like to read my latest poem it's on my website among some of my ancestors' bits and pieces! Just page down to Winter's Monday! (Oh bother, something's messed up the page order again! I'll fix it up soon!)

Lexia said...

Thanks for your comment, Rose. I've had a browse of your family website and intend to look at it in more depth. A great idea and some lovely stuff on there. I love "Winter's Monday" too. Is it in an anthology or anything ?
Keep in touch and keep writing !