Saturday, 9 October 2010

Catching the Mood

I've done more writing on doing anything but writing than your average procrastinator but this is a final one (for now) before I get started, as there's not much of the day left (but I have been thinking) I am planning to catch the mood - that is, mine and the subject's. I have been chasing "the mood" for months now but somehow today it seems to have decelerated in it's escape and I HAVE IT.

The project is this : to write using Stewart's work as a base. It is not an original idea to use one art form as a base for another (if it is I copyright it here and now) but it is unique to me in that I know the artist personally. I have written stuff and used his artwork as a background on paper but not as yet, for the inspiration. We have all been expected at some time in school to paint from a still life set up or a "famous" artist's print. Good for technique and practising using materials I would think, though I am not and never will be skilled at drawing. But most artist's say that working from real life models is more satisfying and productive than from pictures or photographs ( I am interested to know what you artists out there think on that) My interpretation of mixed media.

So, my theory is that if I write from the immediate, which I have seen being produced, then the result will be more realistic. That's the idea anyway. 
Don't send thoughts on a postcard or I will be tempted to write not about the picture on it, but about the person who sent it and why they chose it. Send them to this blog - but check first to see if I am in the right mood.

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