Monday, 27 September 2010

Arts Council's misuse of funds ?

Fine Arts lecturer Mark McGowan has produced a show "The Re-enactment of the Assassination of Raoul Moat " and has been funded by four public bodies including the Arts Council which distributes Lotto Cash

He has refused to say how much he got, as has the Arts Council, who say that every application for funds is judged on it's own merit. Merit ? What merit is there in writing and performing a "play"about a maniac killer portraying him as the victim, 11 weeks after the awful event ? To suggest that Moat is a victim is an appalling insult to the bereaved and wounded.  

The only other victims in this are the people who provide the Arts Councils with their money - the tax payers.


rodgriff said...

I agree. I thought you ought to know that at least someone did.
Even if Moat did think he was a victim, and we all do sometimes, that could never be a justification for what he did. If he didn't want to die all he had to do was not shoot himself.
In the context of the cuts and everything else the arts council must be off their trolley, in fact one wonders if they actually know where their trolley is or who paid for it.

Lexia said...

Thanks rodgriff,
The "powers that be" never cease to amaze... especially when views on "art" are in the discussion !