Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Something about the sea

Pittenweem Harbour - Original Pastel by Stewart Platt (inspired by a photo by Julie Broom)

There's something about boats and the sea that sends even the least literary of us into wistful and poetic musings at the sight and the visual artist is in her/his element to be able to observe and produce images that stir. In sunshine the slant and sparkle of reflections on water can lighten our mood while in stormy conditions our darker thoughts are often portrayed in the rain loaded cloud changing the colours of the sea in an instant.
 I think myself lucky to live on an island here in Britain - even inland, it is  only a few hours travelling distance of the coast. Much of my teenage angst was silently screamed at the sea and in middle age it still feels like home to be near it, regardless of the weather. The squall of the gulls, the thundering of the waves , the slap of the boats ropes on the masts.
" I must go down to the sea again ... ... ... "

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Julie Broom said...

I'm missing the sea air already and I'm only back a few days. One day I'll have that house on the coast! The pastel is fantastic, Stewart has captured the essence of the harbour so beautifully.