Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Save water - shower with a friend

Well, here we are seven days into July and some parts of the country are starting with hose pipe bans.
Now I know we must not waste water, after all it's one of the most precious natural things we have available to us - after air, and maybe the sun (and no doubt a few more things)
Anyway, it's precious, we know that. And my tomato plants not only have black fly - which is probably caused by being too dry - but they are all shrivelled too and so are the beans and the potatoes are not looking too clever. But I won't worry - I shall use the dirty washing up water on them, which I understand will kill the blackfly and water them at the same time. (It's the washing up liquid the blackfly hate, not the grease and bits of food)

But come on. We are an island. You can't travel much further than 50 or 60 miles and you reach water. Salted yes, but didn't someone invent something to get rid of the salt for drinking? I am no expert (on anything at all) but even I know you can collect water to drink when you are lost at sea in your dinghy by collecting condensation on a piece of plastic or metal. Now if I know that, there's got to be some clever brains out there to work on this.
As for washing, I read somewhere that it's better to only bathe twice a week. I suppose some people carry this through to the extreme.

So - apparently we are short of water again. Places like Spain which are usually "hot" don't seem to have this problem. They water their perfectly groomed green lawns almost 24 hours a day and I never heard of hose pipe bans there.
No doubt I will get aspersions cast on my ignorance about climate change and all that stuff, but this is the way I say it from the "man in the street" 's point of view. When it rains, save some. When it doesn't, use that which you saved before. Where's the problem.

(Just need to point out that the title of this blog is taken from an incident when I was twelve and my RE teacher sent me to the Headmaster for having it written on the from of my notebook. Thanks Mr Tarn, you saved me a lot of thinking time there ! )

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