Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bias on Eastenders ?

There's been "complaints" that Eastenders shows an "anti Christian bias". The BBC has had to defend a storyline after viewers accusations.The plotline in question shows a Christian Pentecostal pastor, as a mad killer whose actions are motivated by his Christian faith.
And now over 100 viewers have written to the BBC saying that they find the storyline deeply offensive.
Years ago whenever Eastenders started my children were "banned" by me from watching it after having seen a bit of an episode when someone got hit on the head with a chair on the Christmas Day episode, I think it was. I didn't think it was suitable viewing for me as an adult never mind my impressionable offspring.
Now they accuse me of hypocrisy (jokingly, I think) as about 6 months ago I started watching it and now follow it regularly. My children are grown up enough now to choose if they wish to watch or not - most of the time they are too busy with their own children to have time to. I haven't changed my views on the content of the programme,only that now I see it as more of a satire on "perceived" East London life. Certainly there are murders, adulteries, thefts, suicides and the rest in London as in any town or city but it is the concentration of such things within one small area that makes the whole thing unreal and, to me, humorous though black humour I should say. To suggest then that there is an "anti-Christian bias" or any other bias in the programme just seems like complaining for complaining's sake.

Perhaps it's the people who watch the "soaps" who have the problem as a lot really think they are a true portrayal of real life. Or maybe it's the writers fault who will write anything that is likely to be sensationalist just to get viewers. Then we could argue the "on/off switch" on the TV theory.
The reception on my TV is currently quite poor - must be the weather or something.So luckily it's Saturday and there are no soaps on.
Then again, I could always watch repeats online.

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