Monday, 7 June 2010

Re wiring the mind

An article in today’s Daily Mail suggests that the internet is making us less able to concentrate. We read fewer books of the paper variety as anything we want is available at a click and there is a mind blowing supply of information constantly at hand. All knowledge that there ever was can be in anyone’s mind.
But not only is the information permanently available, it seems that the internet is actually “blowing our minds” as the process of using the net is “subverting the very process of intellectual inquiry”. Doing research in a library involves us in deciding which step to take next to further the enquiry – the internet does that for us by providing a hyperlink.

We all know that the internet has been blamed for all ills in society and done by mankind, but I have to agree that in this instance the suggestions ring true with me.
I say this as I write this while half watching the Matthew Wright show on television and half reading the newspapers on the internet (on second thoughts, that fraction should probably be a third … though it doesn’t read properly )

As per my last blog, I am constantly trying to think about or do so many things at one time - the classic “stressmaker” in today’s world. Bombarded with information, answers to all questions at my fingertips and minute by minute updates on millions of peoples everyday actions – if I so choose – yet still wondering if I am richer for this.
Obviously, it is a free choice.
So as I have the choice, just to let you know that I am now going to make a cup of coffee, before I update my facebook page, tweet a few lines and check out some forums to see what people are talking about behind my back. What about you ?

(addendum – the internet can also make you paranoid)

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