Sunday, 20 June 2010

Invasion of Plastic Lids

It's true. Plastic lids - those that tightly enclose your leftover beans and other such delicacies in a pot - are multiplying.
I appreciate that this must sound like the most inane comment I have come out with recently but I can back up this statement with clear evidence.I used to think that it was only my kitchen cupboards that had endless supplies of lids which fit nothing at all but other members of my family have the same thing happening.I assume from this that it's happening in kitchens all over the country and probably in other countries too. This is not a local problem.
The signs of this happening start first with you only being able to find the pot and no lid to fit it. If you are lucky you may have a few empty chinese takeaway dishes but it is unlikely that the selection of lids will fit the one with your portion of decaying chilli in it. The problem then escalates to finding lids which you can not remember ever having a pot to go with it - sometimes in colours that you know that you would never dream of buying.The worrying thing is you just can't bear to throw them away What if you throw out the lid and the very next day a pot to fit turns up ? Then you have a pot with no lid and have to resort to covering it with cling film or foil (and we all know that it then leaks)
While packing up to move houses, I only this week put a number of multi coloured lids into a box and unpacked them at the new house, knowing full well I have never seen pots to go with them They are now stored safely in a kitchen drawer especially for "plastic stuff"

I think I have a solution for these disturbing occurrences. Stop putting all those bits of leftover meals in the fridge, put it straight into the bin. You know you are only going to throw it away a week later when you haven't any space left to put the new weekly shop and you will then have another lidless pot to wash up. That meal was never worth a second chasnce anyway.


Julie Broom said...

this made me laugh - it's one of those mysteries of the universe along with socks with no partner and keys that don't fit any lock.

Lexia said...

Too true, Julie. Glad to know these things are not "just me " !