Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Book Too Far

"Massacre in Cumbria" by Clare Leigh will be published in paperback on 30th July, priced £7.99, published by John Blake. He says that some of the profits will be donated to the charity Victim Support as
“We feel it’s a very raw subject so we don’t want to seem like we’re exploiting the dreadful murders." He reckons they have a moral obligation to do this.
Yeah Right.

Some of the profits ? Why not all, if this has to be done at all and by an outsider ? But does it ? And so soon after the awful events ?

The author is apparently an experienced journalist.Hmm - not experienced enough to know about insensitivity it seems. Or perhaps I am being too sensitive.

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Emma B said...

My opinions exactly, thanks for posting this.