Tuesday, 8 June 2010

21 day marketing plan

Just received this email from createspace.com and find it interesting especially after me going on about information overload etc in my last 2 blogs.
I might pledge a couple of the suggestions (not saying which though- someone might try and hold me to it ! )

"They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Marketing your book shouldn’t be a task you dread. It should be a habit that comes to you easily. Pledge to do the following 7 steps everyday for the next 21 days, and form a habit that is going to strengthen your online presence and create a community around yourself and your book that will continue to grow over time and ultimately help you get in the habit of selling books.
21 Day Book Marketing Pledge

1.) I pledge to give one book away to a charity, friend, or organization. The book I give away will be signed by me with all my online contact information and a handwritten invitation to review the book on Amazon.
2.) I pledge to write an entry for my blog.
3.) I pledge to follow 10 people on Twitter.
4.) I pledge to find 1 person to send a Facebook Friend request to.
5.) I pledge to update my Twitter and Facebook accounts with a link to my new blog entry.
6.) I pledge to find a blog on http://www.blogcatalog.com that is relevant to my book’s genre or subject matter and place their link on my blog, and attempt to contact the blog owner.
7.) I pledge to reach out to another author, and offer them the opportunity to write about their book for my blog "

I suggest that whatever field you are in, you substitute the word "book" for your area.
Happy next 3 weeks ...

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