Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Gremlins in the blog system or have I lost some HTML?

I am not sure what has happened to the font on the posts on this blog. I am not even sure whether it's my computer that's showing some text to be extra large and some extra small, some black, some blue etc. I suppose that it's excusable that I don't know if it's only my computer that's showing this as one does not normally read one's own blog on someone else's computer - unless one is editing it or purely narcissistic (must spell check that)
Anyway, for whatever reason, I apologise and would be grateful if anyone would let me know if this is a blog problem or computer problem. I read on a blog the other day that the reason the text had changed on that one was that some HTML had been lost. This is rather scary as I would have no idea where to look if I found that I had lost some of mine !
Been losing my memory for years and now it's seems my blog is losing it's.
Ah well, close friends always share things...


Kate said...

I can't see anything strange about your blog, but my latest post on my blog keeps showing HTML code between paragraphs. All very strange!

Lexia said...

Thanks Kate. Just that the last 2 posts should be larger text and blue.
However... I refuse to get hung up on size and colour - it's the thoughts that count ! (now there's positive thinking)

Kate said...

Oh wait a minute - yes, the last two are grey, a few before that blue and then bigger and bluer before that. I didn't scroll right down before.Have you checked to see if you settings have changed?