Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tossers Ban on Running

Running in the traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake race was banned by St Albans Council (Lib Dem – whether that’s significant or not) yesterday. This was on health and safety grounds on account of the road being wet and for fear of the “odd person” slipping and falling as has apparently happened in previous years.

In my home town “odd” people go slipping and sliding about all the time – mostly due to the pot holes in the roads and paths, the dog crap on the pavements and “green spaces” and the general unkemptness around public areas that we pay to be maintained out of our council taxes.
In fact you don’t really have to be odd. The odd ones are RMBC who don’t seem to feel that there is a problem or if they concede that there is, throw a bit of tarmac down which lasts till it rains again and spray the weeds at the edges of the paths about once a year.

Mind you, at least St Albans had the community spirit to organise what turned out to be a walking event with pancakes in pans, though some people are now banned for life from entering for breaking the walking rule. Council’s seem to do this – give you something with one hand and take it away with the other.
Been used before but can't resist saying....Tossers.

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