Friday, 11 September 2009

No changes yet

After a short break from this blog, I had been thinking what to write for a "returner". I needn't have bothered thinking too hard. Maltby Town Council has come up trumps again with it's continued inadequacies, which while not new, do still sometimes leave me "gobsmacked".

Today 11th September, I have received a response from MTC to an FOI request I sent on 19th May.
Ok - so what's 4 months between friends when it should have been replied to in 20 days ? Not a lot at all really.But you would think that in this time they might have been able to answer ALL the questions, wouldn't you ?
Well, being well versed in the methods and workings of some of MTC cllrs, I am not suprised at all of course. I am also not particularly suprised that today's mail is from the "Acting Responsible Financial Officer" who is named as a totally different person who signed the mail that I received from MTC the other day. Got it ? HUH !

Ah well - just when I was thinking maybe I was finished with the need for FOI requests . . .

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