Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Labour in Maltby use the "Slander Approach"

It's an old stunt - a low and cowardly one at that - but The Labour Party have decided to use it again, in their "campaign" for the election of two councillors for Maltby Town Council.

This stunt is colloquially called "If you have nothing positive to say about your selves then slag off the opposition in any way you can, regardless of whether your comments are true or not." It is regularly used by the current government and has been used by various politicians around the globe.

Now, we all know that newspapers are a great source of information, on the whole, but most of us aso know that certain newspapers can be extremely biased towards a particular issue. This is often the case in "party politics".So, to run a campaign based on newspaper headlines is surely, the lowest of the low. But The Labour Party in Maltby have seen fit to do just this on their candidates leaflet, posted through some doors recently. (I am not suggesting that this is selective delivering, but it rather appears to be !)
Don't be fooled Maltby by the underhand tactics of this group and their followers. We all have two votes at the election on October 1st. Use them wisely - Maltby's future is tentatively balanced.

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