Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Direct question to Kevin Baron, MP, from

In an earlier blog I have commented that the Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP has refused to answer my questions about politics as "it will go on the blog". Some of us have discussed the possibilities of which blog this could be and want to ensure that Kevin gets to know all the questions that his constituents want answering and also give an opportunity for him to reply direct (in the absence of his own website)

This blogger has asked a direct question to Mr Barron and I have posted the blog below. Keep going to the site in the off chance that Kevin may reply some time in the none too distant future.

Mr Barron ... I also would welcome a reply on this blog , if it happens to be the one that you read.

Hi Kevin

I know you read this blog – the letter you wrote telling me about it is one of my most prized possesions.
I also know that you said you weren’t going to write to me anymore because I have published your comments on this blog. What I didn’t know is that you have also told other constituents that you ostensibly represent that you won’t write to them either, whilst mentioning ‘the blog.’ The constituent in question assumes you might mean this one, although ‘the blog’ could mean anything. Just to make it quite clear, this is my blog, and I am the only one who writes posts on it. I have sent you an invite to become a writer here because you still don’t seem to have a website on any of the three domains you seem to control, but as yet you haven’t taken it up, so I remain the only writer at the moment. You are, of course, still welcome to take up my offer to contribute – it’d be great for the people of the Rother Valley to hear more often from their representative.

Anyway, as you seem to be gradually reducing the number of constituents you will communicate with, rarely send out leaflets and have still not managed to get a website of your own going I thought I’d ask a question here, prompted by a comment on my last post.
So, the question your constituents want answering – and it’s a big one because most of your constituents are Labour voters – or at least they were last time around – is what your views are on the Labour leadership? We’ve seen and heard nothing of your views.
Are you one of the rumoured 50 or so that were prepared to call for Gordon to go? Are you upset that, at a time when the Prime Minister is seemingly recruiting anyone who will answer their phone to be in cabinet (Sir Alan Sugar who he has had to make a Lord, Glennis Kinnock, who can’t actually be a minister because she is an MEP) that you still haven’t got the cabinet post you reportedly wanted in 1997? Do you think Gordon Brown should stand down as Prime Minister – and is your view on this based on what is best for your party, your own future employment as an MP, or the good of the country – or a combination thereof?
We, your constituents, would really rather like to know, and putting information on the internet is so much more effective than sticking it in the window of your office in Dinnington. The Rother Valley is quite big, you know.
We’d be grateful, therefore, if you could answer here, or on a website of your own.
Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, and this post in particular.

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