Saturday, 20 June 2009

Anything but teaching, Gordon - PLEASE !

Oh dear - poor Gordon Brown.

He has been "hurt" by the crises that have plagued him the past months as Prime Minister, and could "walk away tomorrow" and perhaps become a teacher.

Walk away Gordon ... PLEASE walk away....but for heavens sake don't inflict yourself and your hurt on our children any more ! Doesn't this country need plumbers, or electricians or something that does not involve PEOPLE that Gordon could work at ?


daisydo said...

Please no, not a teacher.
Children are our future, they need to be taught by a Leader.
Imagine, Gordon Brown teaching a class of 25 plus....I dread to think. The words "Demolition in Progress" springs to mind.
Teachers are streseed enough and under enough pressure as it is. Let alone having this to contend with.
Please spare us this dilemma.

Lexia said...

I understand now daisydo, that Gordon would quite like to be a professor. So it's not just the kids we need to worry about - it's the older generation too ! All those "mature students" like wot I woz.... ;)

daisydo said...

What can I say.
Here not so very long ago, was I, considering going back to studying. Oh dear....have I had a lucky escape I now ask myself.
Could he himself stand the pressure though?