Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A vote for judge and jury ?

I have been considering the views of The Jury Team party.

This is in an effort to find some party that I can vote for whose policies I can believe in. The party leader is Sir Paul Judge. Surely someone with a name like that can make a success of a new political party, especially as he is a "multimillionaire businessman" and intends to "clean up politics". The Guardian thinks that announcing that your leader is a multimillionaire business man is not, in current times, the best way to inspire confidence - and I think I agree on that one !

But I suppose any party needs money to get going - though apart from leafletting and hiring halls to speak to people in, I can't see what else you would need to spend money on.Has anyone any views on The Jury Team? I am still "out" on this one, which is sort of appropriate given the name.I hope I am not going to waste my vote because there is no one worth voting for.... then I would have to keep my views to myself until the next election , and that wouldn't be easy !



Daisydo said...

It's getting more and more difficult, to actually find a party that we can believe in. We need a party that will, yes, try to clean up politics. Also a party that will genuinely be for and help the people.
Of late, there has been so much, how do I put it, ill or bad feeling, towards various party members. We need a party who will clean things up and do good. Find that party and they have my vote..

Lexia said...

Thanks for your comment Daisydo.
Agree with you completely - though I hope you are not asking me to "find that party" - I am searching, though, believe me. And with every day that goes by it seems that it is less likely to happen. As Gordon Brown has patronislingly advised the nation this morning "wait and see", maybe we have to.