Saturday, 30 May 2009

Still unsure of who to vote for.....

Are you in a dilemma over who to vote for in next Thursday's election?

Have you only had 3 campaign leaflets through your door, but you have a suspicious feeling there may be more parties with cabdidates available?

Have you been turning the TV off at 6.55 to purposely miss those party election broadcasts and now wonder if you are going to waste your vote?

Don't worry, help is at hand....

(thanks to for the site info)

Try this and you can find out the best place to put your X on June 4th !

(apparently I should vote for Libertas, so now will have to do some reading up on them to see if they really do represent my views )

Disclaimer: I do not accept any responsibilty for anyone voting for a party which turns out to do the exact opposite of what they said they would do. This is, after all, the way of political parties in this great country of ours, it seems.


Daisydo said...

Who should I vote for?
Yes this is the question I have asked myself for sometime now, several weeks in fact.
The day I write this has been polling day. So I took myself off to my local polling station, still thinking about it, mulling everything over so to speak, as we do.
Only to find on arrival, that after weeks of thought going into this, I couldn't actually vote.
The house I recently moved into, I'd never had a registration form, so therefore was told "sorry you can't vote".
So here was i, more than happy to give my vote, let alone turn up to vote, even though I hadn't received a polling card. To come away thinking, "well does it really matter, people get their cards, don't bother to vote, I don't get one but do attend, for what".
Is this really right I ask myself, do I have any rights to voice my opinion on anything political. I fail to understand this one.

Lexia said...

This is appalling.I suppose the reason you will be given if you complain will be that it is YOUR role to get a registration form and fill it in, not the authority's to ensure you get one !

Strange how we get a multitude of junk mail safely through the door, but something as important as this has gone astray. Incompetent beaucrats , again.