Saturday, 9 May 2009

Maltby Schools - public opinion ignored again....

I do not wish to quote newspaper articles - you can read those yourselves in The Advertiser, Maltby News and others.
Currently, there are numerous people concerned not only about the fact that the school may become an Academy Trust ( I say may, because there are many who do not intend to let this go ahead without further discussion) but also that the consultation process has not been carried out in a satisfactory way.
Despite what RMBC and Mr Sutton say, the consultation has been proven, and acknowledged, to be flawed (ref. Graham Sinclair and Cllr Shaun Wright)

Today, a number of people have spoken to "the public" on the High St, and it is clear that there are very many that would like a further consultation on the issues.So, a group went to see Cllr Amy Rushforth at her surgery at the Services Centre. They explained their concerns about the consultation and asked that she support the people of Maltby in getting a further, more accurate public consultation.

Cllr Rushforth's response was a categorical NO ! The academy is going ahead, she says, regardless of opinion and there is nothing that can be done about it. She refers to the consultation that was done about The Craggs School, where she says there were no problems - but will not acknowledge that problems came AFTER the event.

Are we all happy with this response - which equates to "Tough luck, too late, it's all decided and we don't care what you as parents and public think" ? Are we happy that pupils at the school are being told by their Headteacher and Deputy Head Teacher to ignore anything that is being said by people who are saying that an academy might not be a good idea and want to talk about it more ?
Over to you Maltby.......

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