Sunday, 3 May 2009

Challenge and Rhetoric

This blog was not started with the intention of being “political” but I am finding more and more that what I am feeling and want to write appears so.

I have, of course, said many times that I am not “party political” but to me “politics” is something that by nature, is a large part of our daily lives. It is not just about the activities of the government or law making organisations, but about how we try to influence the way we are governed. My philosophy on the way I try to live my life, is that if I believe that something is not “right” then I challenge it, and of course try to influence change. If I do not do this, then I am not doing my duty as a citizen in a democratic society. This is my opinion.
(For the benefit of my MP Kevin Barron, this is perhaps rhetoric, but not “anti-Labour rhetoric” as he labels my opinion).

I was asked this question the other day :
“Why put yourself on this mighty crusade to right every wrong in this town?”

Now, this was on a forum “chat” and the questioner is not a particular follower of my beliefs, as they are constantly telling me. But I do have to thank them publicly, for acknowledging in their question that there are “wrongs” which need “righting”, whilst questioning my attempts to do so.
(bit of an anomaly in there somewhere….)

However, my answer to this question was “Why not?”

I am incidentally not engaged in a “mighty crusade” (again I thank the questioner for suggesting that I am capable of it, though)
I do have opinions. I am outspoken. I do question and challenge views that are different to my own. This does not mean that I am stating that my views are necessarily the ones that should be followed, but that if we do not question and challenge, then what we thought and hoped was a democracy can easily fall into a dictatorship.

And I don’t believe that’s right.

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