Thursday, 8 January 2009

More farmyard antics - Hee Haw, Hee Haw !!

What a splendid example of the "democracy" that is in process in Rotherham, was shown at today's Area Assembly meeting at Wickersley - where the main item on the agenda was DEMOCRACY. In other words - there IS none!
At a very well attended meeting, the "new chairman" (elected in a way that is against the constitution of the assembly itself) was asked by a member of the public to introduce himself, as he attempted to run a meeting with total disregard for public opinion and views - which is the whole idea of the Area Assemblies.

At today's meeting after refusing to acknowledge a part of the constitution that was read to him, the Cllr acting as Chairman told various people to "be down sat" (????!!!!) when they tried to voice their opinion on the situation, and then he closed the meeting.

Cllr Thirlwall suggested that those who wished to, remain and discuss the main item on the agenda. He was told that this would be an illegal meeting as the room was booked for WVAA.For those who DO wish to discuss democracy, a meeting at Bramley Parish Hall, Bramley, Rotherham, next Thursday 6.30pm.
"It is vitally important that you, as a resident of Wentworth Valley, have your say on what you want the council and its partners to focus on" WVAA website "Cllr Peter Thirlwall explained “IT IS YOUR MEETING” and therefore future area assembly meetings would be run on the basis of the public choosing the topics that they would like to see on the agenda for discussion" WVAA minutes 24th July 2008

"Councillor Thirlwall thanked the Area Assembly Meeting for all their support in trying to thwart his removal as Chair of the Area Assembly; an article had also appeared in the Star, Maltby News and the Bramley Advertiser.Darren Smithson also sent letters of support for Councillor Thirlwall to Councillors Roger Stone, Mike Cuff and Tim Mumford. He has received an acknowledgement from the Chief Executive Councillor Mike Cuff. Councillor Thirlwall went on to say that he thinks this will be his last Area Assembly meeting, as the next Council Meeting will take place on 8 October and this is the meeting where he believes he will be removed as Chair.Don Buxton thought that this would be a tragedy for the Area Assembly, Wentworth Valley and especially Bramley Village, after the way he has looked after the residents.A member of public thought Councillor Thirlwall should continue as Chair, as the Area Assembly was a public meeting and therefore it should be the public who decide who is going to be their Chair and not the Council.It was asked why a Borough Council member needed to be a Chair and suggested that a Parish Council member be considered Councillor Thirlwall went on to explain that the position is appointed each year in May, and is not usually removed during the year only under exceptional circumstances. He went on to say that “I appreciate your views, I will inform them of the wishes of the community, but it won’t change the constitution.”Councillor Thirlwall was thanked for chairing the meetings and supporting the community and went on to ask Councillor McMahon if he will support Councillor Thirlwall.Councillor McMahon replied that the constitution is that the Council appoint, but he said that he would support Councillor Thirlwall." WVAA 11th September 2008
A full vote of confidence in Councillor Thirwall as chair was made at this meeting.

When will the next Area Assembly be, and more importantly, who will be the Chairman ? Who knows…….
RMBC and it’s puppets have made it plain that they will do what they want, when they want.
Are we going to let them continue with this ?

For more examples of comments and agreements made, then totally disregarded by those who supposedly "govern" us...visit

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