Monday, 4 August 2008

Well Done You !

How often do you congratulate yourself ? On anything at all ?
It’s not often I do. In fact, without being pious or sanctimonious, I don’t think I have ever really said “well done me”, even if what I have just done or achieved is something that I would definitely have congratulated someone else on.

We say it to other people all the time, often at times when it’s really unnecessary.
It’s your birthday, congratulations ! Like you did some major thing for the sake of mankind. All you did was just “be”, for another year.
Well done , you just won a tenner on the lottery ! Thankyou, it took such a lot of effort to buy that ticket when I was in the supermarket.
One I saw today – My Blog Is One Year Old ! (and a flurry of well dones, and good for yous followed) Wow – you mean a year ago you started writing down your thoughts hoping others would read them, and you have written 6 pieces since? Such stamina.
I’m not saying we shouldn’t say well done when someone has achieved something or something good has happened. It’s what makes life more pleasant for everyone. And it does also make the praise giver feel good too. But maybe we should leave the real congratulations for more important issues, and maybe also we should congratulate ourselves more. Because when all’s said and done, only you know what a real achievement for yourself is.
I might win a 100 metre race in record time (I did say might) Now that to me would be an achievement. But you may have just had a hip replacement, and you walked slowly 4 steps. That’s an achievement to you. So you need to congratulate yourself, because my 100 metres can’t really compare with your 4 steps. You get my drift….

So where is all this leading? Just that today I AM congratulating myself (and adding to the very many others that I am receiving and am grateful for)
I have completed my book Crossing Borders, it is published and I have already sold some copies with more ordered. It is a dream come true – I am a proper writer. My life has not suddenly become perfect. Far from it. I have more problems this very day than I have had for a long while (not connected to the book!) as do we all.
But tomorrow is another day, and today I am saying “well done me !” and I am basking in my own congratulations.
Give yourself some before the day ends.

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Sandra Patterson said...

Congratulations, Lexia, you deserve it! Getting anything published these days is a huge achievement. This writing lark is such a lonely business, we need to pump ourselves up every now and then or we can disappear in a mire of self-doubt. Good on you girl!
(Now I must stop skiving and go do some writing!)