Monday, 2 June 2008


WOO ! I won this month's One Word Challenge on Writer's News Talkback, with this poem. The word given was "Lightning".


When rain streams down on thirsty earth
and tender shoots are seen,
we’re grateful for what makes it so,
and revel in new green.
But water’s strength soon spoils the land
when torrid rivers run,
and drown the soils which drink no more-
we yearn then for the sun.
Then solar rays dry out the flood
and warm the ground a-new,
till fertile becomes desert plain,
where teeming life once grew.
As heat kills off all fruitfulness,
a barren landscape there;
our only hope to wait again
for a force to change the air.
At last it comes - a flash, a streak,
a charge to cause the storm.
The power that shows authority
from no mortal human form.

Now I am the judge of June's poetry challenge. Feel free to sign me up for your latest antholgy poetry publishers.............

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