Sunday, 25 May 2008

Can things only get better?

Gore Vidal has just been interviewed by Andrew Marr, on his show. What a man !

We know that he is outspoken and critical of the American establishment and politics, but it still suprises (and delights) me to hear his responses to questions that others often hedge around. A definite wit and critic, and of course a novelist to boot. He has just named USA as "a racist, mysogynist nation" John McCain, in his campaign for president is "a complete fool as is Bush". JFK did not go into office in a way that would be suitable for anyone such as Obama to follow (citing Cuba as an example) and Tony Blair is culpable towards the Iraq war, mainly by colluding with the "little madman". I am not suggesting that anyone goes into a name calling routine about anyone - but only if more were outspoken and productive about issues of great importance and voiced their TRUE opinions.
Whether he would be as open and honest in his views if he had been elected to office is questionable. It has been said that we don't really want the "best" people elected. We need them outside the tent pee-ing in, not inside pee-ing out !

Vidal says that he has done what he can to educate about history through his writing of novels, but he can't do miracles. Oh, to be able to say that I had somehow done that (in a miniscule way, compared to Vidal, naturally)
"Can things only get better as far as the USA ?"
He repeated the question and answered "Let us pray".

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