Saturday, 1 August 2009

Could this be the best Kevin Barron quote yet ?

The Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP, has made quite a few "gaffes" over the last number of months. Of course I am sure he would not call then gaffes himself, but it doesn't take much to wonder if the man is losing it/has lost it completely.

There was the issue of emails - even though Kevin supports taking care of the environment, (he says) he doesn't send emails and prefers to use trees by the thousands for his correspondence.
Then there was issue of him telling one of his consituents that he was not going to talk politics with them (strange for an MP)
Then we had his expenses issue - the fancy printer and office furniture and the new camera he needed for his trip to New Zealand..... etc

But this has to be the best one yet.

As many readers of this blog know, Maltby is in the process if s truggle to stop the Secondary School becoming an Academy. Much discussion has gone on - usually without the invited MP's, Cllrs, Governors and ministers who don't turn up at meetings. However, the stuggle will continue, to make sure our children get the best education possible - regardless of financial incentives to and from private businesses.

So what does Mr Barron have to say to this? In public debate regarding government policy regarding academies, Kevin said " I would not believe Government papers".

Well, neither would most of us Kevin, and as you have confirmed it yourself I wonder why you are still acting as my MP? Am I to believe anything at all about anything you say ? Oh, don't go there. I don't want you bothering your herad about "politics" again.

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